May 292014

We’re going to keep a list of people who have sent in their reservations by sending a check for the reunion.  Check here to see who’s coming, and encourage your friends to attend if you don’t see their names on the list.  We’ve also added a Contact Sheet (see top of this page for link).  Please, look for your friends, check out your own listing.  Make sure your address and email are correct and let me know if it is, or isn’t.  (If you’ve sent me a check, I have the correct information.)  A mark in the confirmed column means we have information, and it was right when we got it.  But people move, email and phone information changes.  Please check the list to see if you can supply any missing information for others!  Thanks!

Bonnie MacDougall Paradise

Dave Cleveland (+1)

Alan and Chris (Flink) Varner

Linda Genkerell Nardone

Janet Gibbs Hayden (+1)

Geraldine Landsfeld McLarney

Janet Kolok Skinner

Bob Blechner

Paul Kopec (+1)

Ricky Weiss Arcade (+1)

Mary Ann Thompson Paul

Lynn Ely Houston (+1)

Mickey Sherman

Marc Particelli (+1)

Maddie Sutherland Thompson (+1)

Paul Kerns (+1)

Karen Ramsey Waggoner (+1)

Don Sergeant (+1)

Susan Miller Conover (+1)

Tina Turek Deverill

Heather Harrison Hurley (+1)

Sheila Baebel Gaffney

Lucky Ellef Hollander

Susie McGee

Libby Harvey Fitzgerald (+1)

Jane Wallace Vanneman (+1)

Susan Cross

Bob Schmaling

Alden Mead

Joanne Fuchella Fuss (+1)

Richard Farrell (+1)

Karen Chiappetta (+1)

Janis Kitchens Sass (+1)

Oliver Tartaglia (+1)

Tom Bisanzo

Bob Caie (+1)

Diane Deluca Shockley

Thomas Servidio (+1)

Anne Pilert

Maureen McDonnell Ekberg

Jim Pucci (+1)

Joan Lewis (+1)

Nancy Padbury Fish (+1)

Joseph Dean McLarney

Mike D’Andrea (+3)

Cheryl Doeberl

Joan Carbino Swensky (+1)

Robert Allen (+1)

Nora Steen Clifford (+1)

Peter Siciliano (+1)

Cathy Fox Jewett

Nancy Andrews Allaire

Robert Fogg (+1)

Lyle Wilder

Pam Hunter Emery

Sally Steever Rick

Lynda Newton Donahue

Judy Ruttkamp

Karen Schmidt Scott

Nora Ball Marciniak (+1)

Robin Evans (+1)

Gary Peklo (+1)

Marcia Webster (+1)

Richard Petrone (+1)

Larry Pilcher (+1)

Britt Vinall (+1)

Barbara Nickerson Keller

Kay Kannenberg Martin

Andy Ward

Trudy Tomczyk Paight

Anique (Ann) Taylor

Richard Bennett

Hilary Mappa Caldwell (+1)

Lynn Buxton Beckford (+1)

Richard and Margaret Hughes Applegate

Tony Montimurro (+1)

Mary Ida Santomauro Piacente

Rosemary Natale Lovallo

John Dirlam (+1)

Anne Hipp Habeck (+1)

Alan Scuterud (+1)

Carolann Hotetz Rich

Randy Rich

Earl Atkins

Donna McKay Atkins

Gloria Calabrese Buck (+1)

Bill Rutherford

Ed Feighery (+1)

Hugh Cuthbertson

Marilyn Arvoy

Richard David Chiappetta

Chris Ash

Christine Nelson Troger (+1)

Dick Grimm (+1)

Jaymie Wolcott Chernoff (+1)

Dale Cravens Litvany

Linda Hall Esposito (+1)

Harry Stramiello

Craig Walters (+1)

Rob Fish (+1)

Donald Lewandoski

William Clifford

Jim Mecsery (+1)

Frieda Saemann

John Landman

Greg Mortensen (+1)

Joe “Buddy” Boskello (+1)

Marilyn Moughty Bivona (+1) — Class of ’65

Robert McWeeny

Don Earl

Merritt Fox (+1)

Donald and Jerilynn Lopriore Vizzo

Marjie Bennett White

Joan Oppenheimer Murphy

Frank Niemiec (+1)

Alan Stephensen (+1)

Victoria Paddock Chane

Judy Annicelli Hamilton

Lee Turner

Joe Murano (+1)

Ed Baird

Jay Kennedy

Alan McAllister

Tom Deloe (+1?)

Dick Proudfoot








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Apr 282014

We have had such a wonderful response with reservations for the reunion that we decided to extend the lower fees until May 1.  So, if you haven’t already made your reservation, you have a few more days to save money.  Until the 1st, it is $30 for Friday night, and $100 for Saturday night.  After that, it will be $40 for Friday night, and $125 for Saturday night.  There have been some people who sent in the increased amount, and we will refund the difference.

As of this moment, we have 142 reservations for Saturday night and 138 for Friday night!!  Fantastic response!  I heard today from 2 more who have “checks in the mail.”

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Apr 142014

As the time draws closer to the reunion weekend, we have more news.

Dress for the weekend:  Friday night at Zodie’s will be casual; it’s a golf course, but not a country club.  We want people to be comfortable and able to relax.  Saturday night’s attire took us a while to describe.  Back-country Casual?  No.  Elegant casual?  No.  Dressy Casual?  No.  We finally came upon the phrase — Festive Attire, no tie required.  L’Escale is a nice restaurant, one I would put in the class of a celebration restaurant — birthday, anniversary, special occasion.  But it’s not formal.

The other news is for daytime on Saturday.  Dale has arranged for Tod’s Point to be open to us for the weekend.  We have to utter the magic words — GHS Class of ’64 50th Reunion — at the gate, and we will be permitted entry.  This will hold for the whole weekend.  On Saturday, there will be a bus tour, leaving from the Sheraton in Stamford at about 10, that will go past the schools, and a lunch stop at Tod’s so we can revisit the concession.  You will need to sign up for the bus in advance so we know whether we will have enough people to hire the bus.  The fee would be somewhere in the $25 – 30 range, if we have a full bus.  Send Dale an email if you’re interested:

As of this moment (April 14th), we have received payment from 113 people for Friday and Saturday nights, not always the same people.  Some are coming for one night, some for both.  And I have emails from several people saying they have sent checks.


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Jan 312014

There have been some updates with plans for the reunion.  First — and maybe most important — is a change in the price for Saturday night.  We have received some donations from classmates to help defray the costs of the reunion.  We redid the budget, and the price for Saturday night at L’escale at the DeLaMar is now $100 per person if paid before April 15th; and $125 after April 15th.  This is a wonderful thing!  And many thanks from us to those who made the contributions.  Friday night will stay at $30 before April 15  and $40 after the 15th.

Now that the price is finalized, send in your reservations!!  Checks should be payable to:  GHS 50th Reunion and sent to:

GHS 64 Reunion, c/o Waggoner, PO Box 558, Bethel, CT  06801.

Greenwich Point will be open to the Class of ’64 for the weekend without charge.  More details about that will be coming.  It’ll be nice enough to actually be at the beach.  Come revisit the memories.  And we’re reserving a section at the Sunday brunch at the Sheraton so we can party in the morning as well.

Don’t forget to make your reservations at the Sheraton.  Greenwich High School Class of 1964 Reunion is the link to make them.  We believe the DeLaMar is booked for the weekend, but you can call them to make sure.  Cancellations do happen!

And don’t forget to check out the “where are they now?” page to see who is still missing.  If you have any ideas where they are, let me know!  Thanks.

The committee has worked hard on the plans, and we’re all excited to see it come together.  Now to see who is coming.  We will be posting a list of attendees as we receive checks.  Check back and see who’s coming, and talk your friends into coming.

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