Committee Members


Below are the current committee members as of April 2, 2014

  • Linda Hall Esposito —
  • Judy Annicelli Hamilton —
  • Dale Cravens Litvany —
  • Bonnie MacDougall Paradise —
  • Marc Particelli —
  • Jim Pucci —
  • Mickey Sherman —
  • Christine Flink Varner —
  • Karen Ramsey Waggoner —
  • Ricky Weiss Arcade —
  • Richard David Chiappetta —
  • Mike D’Andrea —

  3 Responses to “Committee Members”

  1. Joe and I are definitely coming to the reunion. We have a 30 year old son with Down Syndrome that will be coming with us. Is it ok to bring him to the Friday night activity? Of course we will pay the $30 for him. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Gerry

    • Gerry — I haven’t been paying attention to the website, and just noticed this message. Not a problem to bring your son to Friday night. We’d love to meet him.

      I don’t have an email address for you. If you’ll send it to me, I’ll add it to our list so we can keep you up-to-date on plans and events. I’m looking forward to seeing you. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years!!