Where are they now?


Where are they now picture

We have quite a few people from our class we have located and have contact information, but there are many with whom we have completely lost touch.

Listed below are the names of those we would love to find.  If you know where any are, or even have an idea where they were, please send us a note at karenwaggoner@ghs64reunion.org. Thanks!

  • Roy Anderson, Jr
  • Blaise Auberson
  • Cheryl Barnes
  • Richard Barnes
  • Marie Elayne Belmont Taylor Wagner
  • Beverly Belmonte
  • Richard Braudis
  • Mario Calabrese
  • Frances Caruso
  • Betsy Cochran Jones
  • Patricia Coenen
  • James Coyle
  • James Cronin
  • Peter M Cummings
  • William D’Andrea
  • John Dattola
  • Margo deHoog
  • Marcio Dessaune
  • Patricia Distel Kreeger
  • William Fee
  • Richard Fryer
  • Carol Hamilton
  • Christian Hansen, Jr
  • John Harry
  • Christine (Tina) Hartley
  • Leola Hawkes
  • John Hernciar
  • Douglas Hill
  • Kary Hill
  • James Kerr
  • David Knight
  • Richard Larsen
  • Walter Lewis
  • Peter Libby
  • William Lucas
  • Barbara Lyon
  • Peter Marshall
  • Sue McClendon
  • James Miazga
  • Richard Murray
  • Mary Nelson Brown
  • Richard Newton
  • Judy Renton
  • Marylyn Roberts
  • Edward Roche
  • Rochelle Rogers (Richard Rogowski)
  • Janet Roth Kornstein
  • Michael Sheehan
  • Nancy Soutar
  • John Taylor
  • Carol Thorburn
  • Pamela Vivian Oliver
  • Henry Von Eglofstein
  • Ellen Walker Matheson
  • Robert Wilson
  • Alice Windsor

  8 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. Barbara Lyon and Dickie Murray are married (or were married)….I took care of her when she had a baby!

    Adele Tokarz is known as “Midge”

    Not sure but I think I remember Sue Hemstead passed away?

  2. Karen –

    I sent a few leads directly to your email – I hope others follow suit!


    • I got them, and am continuing to research to get street addresses. And I got a letter today with leads for 5 people, one of which panned out with a street address! So off goes a letter tomorrow to Rochelle Rogers.

      Thanks to all who send me leads. I do my best to follow up, and have sent out some letters. When I receive confirmation (or at least don’t get the letter back), I’ll cross them off the list.


      • For Rooms we have at Sheraton for the re-union, 203-358-8400 “GHS 1964 Reunion block rate per Dennis Nemcheck” Our rate is $99 per night per room.

  3. I am glad to have received this email. I hadn’t heard anything since the request for help in the beginning of the planning. Sadly, (Eleanor) Ingrid Olsen passed away on September 28, 2013.

  4. I am not sure but I think I heard that Ingrid Olsen passed away. She was my best friend at St. Catherine’s. I hope I am wrong. I thought she still lived in Greenwich.

  5. I see “Joan H. Lewis” on the list, but a “Joan Lewis” on the list of those who sent in checks.

    • Oops! I skipped a step. I’ll remove Joan from the “Missing” list. She’s most definitely found, and coming. Are you? I’m looking forward to seeing you!!